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Hey guys, Spoox here. Today I am going to be umm showing you, an insanely cRazy game. I dunno what to call it, i dont, insanely insane? Insane's already been used, crazy's been used. I dunno, awesome? i dunno. Anyway. In this game of Malignant, which is... pretty much the god map.. I got NINEtY Eight kills. One away from the world record, yea tha.uh.. that is still getting me depressed, im gonna be having nightmares about that for the next few months, but still. 98 kills. I dont know how I managed to hit this, I was just feeling the sweat after the last game I got 34 kills in one round and I was like 'somethins gonna happen'. Then of course, I DO GOD.. STuFF. Anyway... yea.. I'll let the..uh.. gameplay roll for you guys cos I dont want to take up too much of the time cos im boring and nobody likes me..its tru tis ok u dont have to lie. Anyway um.. yea, yea yea yea... I'll let the gameplay roll, see you in the next one guys, im gonna get that world record one day. I'm calling it.. shhh. BAIII *mouse click*

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Spookydude Bw's Skill rating: Onyx 4
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Headshot: 62876 (#2)Per game: 9.36Close Call: 3377 (#5)Per game: 0.5Overkill: 9057 (#6)Per game: 1.35Triple Kill: 15053 (#6)Per game: 2.24Hail Mary: 145 (#7)Per game: 0.02Last Shot: 1188 (#7)Per game: 0.18Nadeshot: 263 (#7)Per game: 0.04Zombie Slayer: 5893 (#7)Per game: 0.88Double Kill: 31764 (#8)Per game: 4.73Pounder Assist: 1 (#9)Per game: 0Hells Janitor: 2960 (#10)Per game: 0.44Killtacular: 6070 (#10)Per game: 0.9
Pariedolia's Skill rating: Bronze 1
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Airborne Snapshot: 1Per game: 0.04Ancient One: 1Per game: 0.04Beat Down: 1Per game: 0.04Brawler: 8Per game: 0.35Carrier: 10Per game: 0.43Close Call: 17Per game: 0.74Distraction: 1Per game: 0.04Double Kill: 130Per game: 5.65First Strike: 17Per game: 0.74Flatline: 8Per game: 0.35Ground Pound: 1Per game: 0.04Gun Punch: 2Per game: 0.09