Eagle Precursor
User Ranks
  • New

    Default rank assigned to all Users when they sign up. To participate further, you must verify your email address.

  • The Cure

    Special rank for the Administrators / Owners of the Leaderboard. Currently this rank will only be assigned to me (Eagle Precursor).

  • Ancient One

    Special rank for the Highest tier of Moderator on the Leaderboard. These moderators can Remove comments, Approve gamertags and Verify Infection records.

  • Verified

    Rank given to all Users once they have completed the verification process. Users with this rank now have access to all features

  • Linked-up

    Rank given to Users that have linked-up a gamertag to their account. This is the only gamertag specific rank that does not require a moderator to approve that you are the owner of the gamertag.

  • Infection Sweat

    Rank given to the top 1% of Infection players who have reached top 50 for Rating on the Leaderboard. Any gamertag you have in the top 50 will award you this rank.

  • Infection Hub Owner

    Special rank for the Owners of the Infection Hub organisation. Contact them for any queries about the Infection Hub youtube channel, instagram page or management.

  • Featured

    This is the first tier of featured ranks. You will achieve this if one of your Gameplays or Montages are uploaded to the Infection Hub channel.

  • I'm #1

    Earn #1 on the Leaderboard for any stat that you have earned more than 100 times (e.g. 100+ Killionaires).

More Ranks will be added soon!