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Eagle Precursor
Jgxt's profile
Rank: Linked-up
Registration date: Dec 30, 2018 (236 days 8 hours ago)

Hi, sweat that’s all you need to know

Stats Game Analysis
Omitty's Skill rating: Onyx 1
Rating: 819788022 to Onyx 2
Percentile: Top 1% of Players

Top Medals:

Pounder Assist: 1 (#10)Per game: 0Killionaire: 633 (#51)Per game: 0.18Killpocalypse: 791 (#52)Per game: 0.22Killtastrophe: 1003 (#59)Per game: 0.28Reversal: 127 (#64)Per game: 0.04Close Call: 1639 (#73)Per game: 0.46Killamanjaro: 1282 (#73)Per game: 0.36Killtrocity: 1667 (#79)Per game: 0.47The Cure: 101 (#88)Per game: 0.03Killtacular: 2245 (#93)Per game: 0.63Brawler: 416 (#105)Per game: 0.12Overkill: 3137 (#113)Per game: 0.88
Jgxt's Skill rating: Platinum 6
Rating: 363163684 to Diamond 1
Percentile: Top 2% of Players

Top Medals:

Buckle Up: 1 (#29)Per game: 0Gun Punch: 60 (#70)Per game: 0.05The Cure: 126 (#79)Per game: 0.11Hat Trick: 6 (#97)Per game: 0.01Zombicide: 215 (#105)Per game: 0.19Killionaire: 529 (#107)Per game: 0.48Killpocalypse: 646 (#114)Per game: 0.59Killtastrophe: 762 (#141)Per game: 0.69Brawler: 401 (#146)Per game: 0.36Snipeltaneous: 1 (#157)Per game: 0Killamanjaro: 922 (#162)Per game: 0.84Hell Jumper: 363 (#169)Per game: 0.33