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Eagle Precursor
Jabba Lananas's profile
Jabba Lananas
Rank: Infection Sweat
Registration date: Dec 19, 2018 (181 days 3 hours ago)

HeY hEy HeY ! Im a noob who have somes accounts in infection ( Tinky Winky FR1 , Surpacey , Play Infection , Tomrider37 B and my main account is Jabba Lananas ) ! at the 19/12/2018 , Ive got 330+naires with Jabba Lananas , and 1200+ in total of my others acc . My best scores at this day is only 100 kills on Doubloon and Green Zone . This game is saved by exellents players like Eagle Precursor , SpookyDude BW , Shnugly , Jyrxz , RockyStarr686 , Surfin Neptune , ragingfury555 , ZehOhr1260 , Bennerbench , InnerMostMoon , PPacey , Very Gosthly , Tha Foxy Kid , The Proly , Unknwn Monster , CYAZ X SAGE , lTz Jomiter ... GG to them .

Good luck in this dead game !

Stats Game Analysis
Jabba Lananas's Skill rating: Diamond 5
Rating: 612353765 to Diamond 6
Percentile: Top 1% of Players

Top Medals:

Triple Double: 22 (#10)Per game: 0.01Buckle Up: 1 (#18)Per game: 0The Cure: 220 (#27)Per game: 0.14Zombicide: 377 (#30)Per game: 0.23Hell Jumper: 676 (#39)Per game: 0.42Wingman: 244 (#41)Per game: 0.15Killionaire: 564 (#54)Per game: 0.35Resourceful: 187 (#57)Per game: 0.12Hells Janitor: 1165 (#63)Per game: 0.72Killpocalypse: 690 (#64)Per game: 0.42Killtastrophe: 872 (#73)Per game: 0.54Killamanjaro: 1135 (#79)Per game: 0.7
Tomrider37 B's Skill rating: Onyx 4
Rating: 16177718223 to Onyx 5
Percentile: Top 1% of Players

Top Medals:

Nadeshot: 389 (#1)Per game: 0.05Ground Pound: 1342 (#2)Per game: 0.18Hail Mary: 212 (#2)Per game: 0.03Quickdraw: 9 (#4)Per game: 0Lord of the Flies: 167 (#10)Per game: 0.02Pounder Assist: 1 (#10)Per game: 0Headshot: 51243 (#11)Per game: 6.9Ravager: 1098 (#11)Per game: 0.15Plague Bearer: 449 (#12)Per game: 0.06Beat Down: 543 (#14)Per game: 0.07Carrier: 2821 (#14)Per game: 0.38Reversal: 204 (#14)Per game: 0.03
Tinky Winky Fr1's Skill rating: Diamond 5
Rating: 601544846 to Diamond 6
Percentile: Top 1% of Players

Top Medals:

Pounder: 1 (#10)Per game: 0Resourceful: 132 (#108)Per game: 0.06Ground Pound: 355 (#128)Per game: 0.17Killionaire: 324 (#135)Per game: 0.15Killpocalypse: 414 (#144)Per game: 0.2Killtastrophe: 541 (#151)Per game: 0.26Zombicide: 128 (#153)Per game: 0.06Hell Jumper: 292 (#155)Per game: 0.14Killamanjaro: 732 (#157)Per game: 0.35Killtrocity: 1035 (#157)Per game: 0.49The Cure: 61 (#157)Per game: 0.03Hells Janitor: 678 (#159)Per game: 0.32