Eagle Precursor
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Rank: Infection Sweat
Registration date: Dec 6, 2018 (136 days 17 hours ago)

No Guts No Glory



Stats Game Analysis
Ikakony's Skill rating: Onyx 4
Rating: 16468815312 to Onyx 5
Percentile: Top 1% of Players

Top Medals:

Cluster Luck: 554 (#5)Per game: 0.08Zombie Slayer: 6171 (#5)Per game: 0.9Gun Punch: 187 (#6)Per game: 0.03Overkill: 8988 (#7)Per game: 1.31Triple Kill: 14717 (#7)Per game: 2.15Headshot: 50877 (#8)Per game: 7.42Killtacular: 6148 (#8)Per game: 0.9Last Shot: 1168 (#8)Per game: 0.17Zombie Hunter: 11568 (#8)Per game: 1.69Killtrocity: 4396 (#9)Per game: 0.64Killamanjaro: 3236 (#10)Per game: 0.47Last Man Standing: 6076 (#10)Per game: 0.89
Ivxnuz's Skill rating: Bronze 1
Rating: 381119 to Bronze 2
Percentile: Top 100% of Players

Top Medals:

Ancient One: 2Per game: 0.04Beat Down: 3Per game: 0.07Brawler: 5Per game: 0.11Carrier: 21Per game: 0.46Close Call: 16Per game: 0.35Cluster Luck: 2Per game: 0.04Distraction: 4Per game: 0.09Double Kill: 187Per game: 4.07EMP Assist: 1Per game: 0.02First Strike: 28Per game: 0.61Flatline: 9Per game: 0.2Ground Pound: 2Per game: 0.04