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Eagle Precursor
Eagle Precursor's profile
Eagle Precursor
Rank: The Cure
Registration date: Oct 3, 2018 (1 year 139 days ago)

Welcome to the new Leaderboard v3 profiles! My name is Jordan, and I have been developing this Infection Leaderboard since February of 2018. This version is a complete overhaul of the website and brings lots of new features that aim to create a community space for Infection players.

My goals are to create Halo Infection videos that entertain people, and to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in Infection. In my opinion, High scores alone aren't enough to prove yourself as a skilled player, and with my account Eagle Perdition I have tried to achieve the best stats of any main account by getting the Highest K/G, Win percentage and Killionaires per game of any account with over 1000 games.

I hope you enjoy the new Leaderboard, and if you have any feature requests or bugs/issues, feel free to contact me on Instagram, username: @eagle_precursor or twitter @eagle_precursor

Stats Game Analysis
Eagle Precursor's Skill rating: Onyx 5
Rating: 20296222038 to Onyx 6
Percentile: Top 1% of Players

Top Medals:

Lord of the Flies: 266 (#2)Per game: 0.04Quickdraw: 10 (#2)Per game: 0Bodyguard: 1 (#3)Per game: 0Close Call: 4670 (#3)Per game: 0.62Headshot: 70726 (#3)Per game: 9.37Plague Bearer: 627 (#3)Per game: 0.08Brawler: 1459 (#4)Per game: 0.19Hells Janitor: 4311 (#4)Per game: 0.57Killtacular: 8253 (#5)Per game: 1.09Killtrocity: 6169 (#5)Per game: 0.82Overkill: 11684 (#5)Per game: 1.55Resourceful: 735 (#5)Per game: 0.1
Eagle Perdition's Skill rating: Onyx 5
Rating: 18427740723 to Onyx 6
Percentile: Top 1% of Players

Top Medals:

Hell Jumper: 2721 (#3)Per game: 0.63The Cure: 1145 (#3)Per game: 0.27Zombicide: 1727 (#3)Per game: 0.4Killamanjaro: 5082 (#4)Per game: 1.18Killionaire: 2922 (#4)Per game: 0.68Killpocalypse: 3472 (#4)Per game: 0.81Killtastrophe: 4162 (#4)Per game: 0.97Killtrocity: 6365 (#4)Per game: 1.48Resourceful: 876 (#4)Per game: 0.2Brawler: 1418 (#5)Per game: 0.33Last Shot: 1487 (#5)Per game: 0.35Triple Double: 43 (#5)Per game: 0.01
Kingzombie101's Skill rating: Bronze 3
Rating: 190298 to Bronze 5
Percentile: Top 22% of Players

Top Medals:

Triple Double: 4 (#175)Per game: 0.06The Cure: 26 (#529)Per game: 0.38Zombicide: 39 (#751)Per game: 0.57Killionaire: 76 (#824)Per game: 1.1Killpocalypse: 83 (#1040)Per game: 1.2Killtastrophe: 104 (#1200)Per game: 1.51Hell Jumper: 62 (#1217)Per game: 0.9Killamanjaro: 137 (#1383)Per game: 1.99Killtrocity: 164 (#1851)Per game: 2.38Hells Janitor: 99 (#2272)Per game: 1.43Wingman: 34 (#2369)Per game: 0.49Killtacular: 190 (#2809)Per game: 2.75