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Eagle Precursor
Cyberkmus's profile
Rank: Infection Sweat
Registration date: Apr 3, 2019 (106 days 16 hours ago)

A Bad Infection Player gg

Stats Game Analysis
Cyberkmus's Skill rating: Onyx 3
Rating: 1329107090 to Onyx 4
Percentile: Top 1% of Players

Top Medals:

Pounder Assist: 1 (#10)Per game: 0Hat Trick: 19 (#12)Per game: 0Melee Kill: 4075 (#23)Per game: 0.5Brawler: 703 (#29)Per game: 0.09Sniper Headshot: 369 (#31)Per game: 0.05Killamanjaro: 1663 (#38)Per game: 0.2Reversal: 159 (#38)Per game: 0.02Snapshot: 733 (#38)Per game: 0.09Killtastrophe: 1260 (#39)Per game: 0.15Distraction: 1099 (#40)Per game: 0.13Killpocalypse: 966 (#40)Per game: 0.12Killionaire: 762 (#41)Per game: 0.09
Surfin Recon's Skill rating: Bronze 2
Rating: 691309 to Bronze 3
Percentile: Top 41% of Players

Top Medals:

Triple Double: 1 (#502)Per game: 0.02The Cure: 9 (#1170)Per game: 0.15Hat Trick: 1 (#1551)Per game: 0.02Killionaire: 24 (#1824)Per game: 0.4Zombicide: 11 (#2117)Per game: 0.18Killpocalypse: 30 (#2147)Per game: 0.5Killtastrophe: 37 (#2652)Per game: 0.62Hell Jumper: 19 (#3293)Per game: 0.32Killamanjaro: 47 (#3349)Per game: 0.78Killtrocity: 59 (#4641)Per game: 0.98Hells Janitor: 38 (#5414)Per game: 0.63Brawler: 22 (#5645)Per game: 0.37