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Slowjeffseid123's Skill rating: Onyx 3
Rating: 12106618934 to Onyx 4
Percentile: Top 100% of Players

Main Stats

Assists: 4416Deaths: 43389Games Played: 7027Games Tied: 37Games Won: 1735Grenade Damage: 177769Grenade Kills: 3016Headshots: 24832Kills: 104058Melee Kills: 2534Score: 121447Shots Fired: 275334Shots Landed: 129507Time Played: 33 days 20 hoursWeapon Damage: 6,417,264


Accuracy: 47.04K/D: 2.4K/G: 14.81Kills per Hour: 128.11Win %: 24.69

Miscellaneous Stats

Alpha Infections: 9050Per game: 1.29Infections: 20166Per game: 2.87Last Stand Kills: 25773Per game: 3.67Player Protected: 31Per game: 0Round Won: 4192Per game: 0.6Rounds Survived: 1227Per game: 0.17Suicides: 1298Per game: 0.18Survival Kills: 83909Per game: 11.94Time Survived: 19 days 3 hoursPer game: 3 mins

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