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Eagle Precursor
Brays540's Stats
Update stats Last Updated: 18:05 22/9/2019 (UTC) (22 days 17 hours ago) Show player on Leaderboard
Stats Progress Recent Games
The stats tab displays and shows leaderboard positions for all stats stored about your account, ordered by your position. Positions do not show for players with less than 50 games, or players who have been Leaderboard banned.
Main Medals Weapons Vehicles
Brays540's Skill rating: Onyx 3
Rating: 12857211428 to Onyx 4
Percentile: Top 1% of Players

Main Stats

Melee Kills: 4355 (#28)Games Tied: 56 (#44)Weapon Damage: 7,705,778 (#44)Kills: 120383 (#45)Headshots: 27067 (#47)Games Won: 2170 (#58)Deaths: 55922 (#59)Games Played: 6548 (#72)Shots Landed: 149813 (#79)Time Played: 36 days 11 hours (#86)Assists: 6359 (#147)Shots Fired: 325139 (#149)Grenade Damage: 108562 (#165)Grenade Kills: 1846 (#209)


Accuracy: 46.08K/D: 2.15K/G: 18.38Kills per Hour: 137.57Win %: 33.14

Miscellaneous Stats

Last Stand Kills: 27237 (#34)Per game: 4.16Infections: 28915 (#47)Per game: 4.42Round Won: 4510 (#52)Per game: 0.69Survival Kills: 91482 (#52)Per game: 13.97Suicides: 1107 (#68)Per game: 0.17Time Survived: 18 days 14 hours (#95)Per game: 4 minsAlpha Infections: 8662 (#165)Per game: 1.32Rounds Survived: 1090 (#380)Per game: 0.17Player Protected: 52 (#835)Per game: 0.01

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