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Eagle Precursor
Records Portal
Bleak Rock
Achieved on Dec 9, 2018
Score: 269 Kills: 182 K/D: 91 Match Length: 17mVerified: 1 teammateView Record

Map Stats

This Map has the 3rd highest Record for the Misc category.

Best player data is currently hidden due to maintenance.

Average Kills per game: 24.80

Average Match Length: 10 mins 15 seconds

Fastest Recorded Match: 4 mins 10 seconds

Recorded DNFs: 2417

The website stores 16896 games played on this map.

Top 10 Map Records

2: 179 Kills by Threepac Man58
Score: 268 Played on May 8, 2019 Match Duration: 15 mins K/D: 89.5
3: 164 Kills by Shnugly
Score: 291 Played on Feb 20, 2019 Match Duration: 17 mins K/D: 164
4: 156 Kills by Twoun
Score: 240 Played on May 25, 2019 Match Duration: 14 mins K/D: 156
5: 154 Kills by Jyrxz
Score: 276 Played on Oct 23, 2018 Match Duration: 17 mins K/D: 154
5: 154 Kills by Shnugly
Score: 199 Played on Jan 28, 2019 Match Duration: 13 mins K/D: 38.5
7: 153 Kills by Mythic Reach502
Score: 208 Played on Mar 16, 2019 Match Duration: 12 mins K/D: 30.6
7: 153 Kills by Rockystar686
Score: 234 Played on Mar 18, 2019 Match Duration: 14 mins K/D: 76.5
9: 150 Kills by Cylatrx
Score: 228 Played on Apr 13, 2019 Match Duration: 13 mins K/D: 75
9: 150 Kills by Eagle Perdition
Score: 244 Played on Apr 23, 2019 Match Duration: 14 mins K/D: 50