Recently, Halo 5 Infection has not been as fun for me as it has been in the past. I've found myself becoming increasingly distant from the community, and my interest in creating halo content has pretty much gone, even after I tried to make a schedule to get myself back into it. So what does this mean for the Infection Leaderboard?

In this blog post, I will discuss these two things about the future:

  • - Speed upgrades + Bug fixes and a Feedback page
  • - Long term updates and new features that will be added
1: Speed Upgrades, Bug fixes and a new place to give Feedback

I'm creating a new feedback page on the website that will go live in a few days that you can use to submit feature requests, ideas for improvements, any bugs you might encounter and anything else related to the leaderboard. The first thing I am tackling is the load times for pages, as currently I have noticed that until the website "warms up" so to speak, the Leaderboard suffers from a few problems relating to speed.

Firstly, the Rating Leaderboard is now much faster than before but due to the way Leaderboard position increases are displayed, for some reason the load times are frustratingly inconsisent. The new Users portal calculates a graph of the best Infection scores over time since Halo 5 began, which takes a lot of time to load unless someone else just visited the page. These are the big two trouble makers at the moment, as well as a few others.

You don't need to concern yourself with how the pages are generated or anything like that, but just know that I am working to make every page as fast as I physically can (the goal is for each page to load before the blue loading bar can move forward twice).

As for the bugs, the Leaderboard is a huge project that took me about 3 months to make on my own, and I didn't really know how many features I was going to add so I had to maintain and rewrite lots of stuff during the production. So basically, if you do find a bug please send it to the feedback page, I will fix it and give you a special User role for finding it. Hopefully this is an incentive :)

2: Future Plans, Halo Infinite!

Now lets move on to the fun stuff, future plans and upgrades! Here is a list of new features that I'm working on currently, and ones that are planned for the future.

Halo Infinite Leaderboard: In the next halo game, I am planning to turn the Leaderboard into a place for all of the Social gamemodes, not just Infection. Infection will still be the main focus with a brand new Infinite Records portal, but you will now be able to see your stats across all of the social gamemodes, and see the best players for each new game mode that is added. Taking Halo 5 as an example, there would be a leaderboard for Overall Social, Super fiesta, Grifball, Infection and so on. I hope that this will attract more Users and build our community here.
I'm not really trying to compete with established Halo stats tracking websites, just making a different one with all the Users features that you guys enjoy.

Leaderboard Challenges

I have made a youtube post about this before, but today I will go into more details about the plans. These challenges will tie into user ranks and are based on the challenge system back from my favourite halo, Halo Reach.

Each week there will be 12 challenges available for all Users to complete. You must link your gamertag for challenges to work, so I can tell that you played the games this week rather than waiting for months to update and then completing all the challenges at once. These 12 challenges are split into 3 categories and 4 difficulty tiers, ranging from Easy to Extreme.


  • Skill Challenges: These are based on Stats that are used to Generate Rating, the so called Legendary medals such as Killionaires, Cures, Flies etc.
  • Grind Challenges: These are challenges that should be attainable by all players given enough playtime, and a high skill isnt necessarily required for them
  • Unknown Challenges: These are based on rare Leaderboard Stats that have a low count for #1. An example of this could be something like Alley Oop, which the #1 player only has 1 of at the time of writing this post


  • Easy (Achievable by all): On completion these wont award you a User rank, and are mostly just for new players who want to jump into the challenge scene.
  • Normal (Achievable by most): A little step up from the easy difficulty, but still relatively straight forward to attain with enough practice.
  • Advanced (Achievable by fewer): The amounts will be more difficult, and will provide a good challenge for players.
  • Extreme (Achievable by the top 1%): Even for a top player, these will be ridiculous to achieve and may take up your whole week.
Example Filter Select

Most Popular Filters: This is maybe a niche feature, but I'm going to add a new group to the Filter select called "Popular", that lists the most visited filters in reverse order. This will be helpful for me as a lot of the time I only want to view Killionaires & Cures, and this will reduce travel time through the Filter select.

Custom Leaderboard notifications: This is a feature that I cut from the main release of the Leaderboard (version 3.0 for anyone wondering) that was going to allow Users to set up notifications for when they passed certain milestones or when other players were close to overtaking them for position. I am going to start working on these later down the line and it will allow you to set up to 10 notifications for all of the different medals

Comment features: I want to introduce Sorting and Pages to all comment sections, as well as adding a section on profile pages that can be used to view all of the comments made by that user. These are low priority upgrades at the moment though because you guys arent using comments as much as I thought. Recently I have added the following new features to commenting that you can try out:

  • - To link to someones profile page, type @username and it will convert into an app link to the page. E.g. @Eagle Precursor -> Eagle Precursor
  • - To link to a twitter or instagram page, type a capital T or I before the @ symbol and it will convert the username to the external link. E.g. I@spoox_ben -> @spoox_ben

There are more features planned, such as Player projections on Stats pages, improvements to the Map portals and a new area to Submit Clips and Montages to the Infection Hub youtube channel. Go subscribe here! As for me, I'm playing a lot of Apex Legends recently and might be uploading vids on it soon. Thanks for taking the time to read this, if you have any questions leave a comment below.

- Eagle