Today we have announced the Infection Hub, a new Youtube channel for the community. A sample of the content that will be uploaded to this channel is as follows:

  • - High kill gameplays
  • - High kill rounds
  • - Community highlights
  • - Community montage
  • - Community challenges

Currently we are working on an Introduction montage featuring the 4 Owners, and we have more ideas for content lined up, subject to change. More will be revealed in the future as time passes.

As I am one of the Owners of this channel, we are integrating this website and more specifically the Users portal to the channel. The first feature I am working on that will release soon will allow registered users to submit games from their Game Analysis or recent games and this will allow the game to be considered for a high kill gameplay / round video. More Integration features will come soon, and I will post another article when they are ready. I expect the game submission feature to be completed by the 28th of January (after exams), so until then you can send the games on this article or in youtube comments.

Thanks for reading, we hope that this channel will be great and help to re-energise the community! Channel Link