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Eagle Precursor
Future of the Infection Leaderboard
With my interest for Halo 5 waning in recent weeks I haven't been actively developing the Leaderboard as much as I used to. In this post I detail about some of the improvements I'm going to be rolling out soon-ish, as well as long term features/improvements that I will be adding between now and for Halo Infinite.
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Leaderboard v3.3 - New Map Records Portal + More!
Hey guys, today I have released a brand new update to the Leaderboard that brings some new features, the main one being the new Map Records portal. All users now have a rank associated with them, and more ranks will be added in future updates. Read more to learn about all the new features, and what will be coming in Version 3.4.
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Announcing partnership with Infection Hub
Introducing the Infection Hub, a new community channel for Halo 5 Infection. Organised by Eagle Precursor, Slumpy, Spoox and Tha Foxy Kid, we are planning to bring Community based content including gameplays and montages. Read more to learn how you can get involved, and what we are planning.
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Welcome to Leaderboard v3
A month or two ago, I began to get ideas about how I could improve the experience of everyone on the Leaderboard. What started off as a simple idea became a huge project, that after a few months of development is now complete. Welcome to the new Leaderboard, version 3 of my evolving idea to create a place for the community to prosper and compete.
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Infection Analysis + New features!

Today I would like to share information about the new features I have added to the leaderboard as well as the all new Infection Analysis page.

Progress numbers for Leaderboard positions

Now that leaderboard positions are stored in a database, I can now add progress numbers for them onto the leaderboard just like every other statistic has.
Example: If you were #200 for Kills yesterday and today have climbed to #190, you will see the number +10 next to your leaderboard position.

Faster profiles (Absolutely destroyed this time in v3 btw):

The profile pages have always been really sluggish to load, but thankfully no longer! The reason for the slow loading was that profile pages used to calculate all the players leaderboard positions every time they were loaded, to make them as accurate as possible. Now, these leaderboard positions are updated every 6 hours, (or everytime you update your stats), meaning profile pages should load much quicker. Updating your stats will take a tad longer now due to the change.

Infection Analysis

I have built a special profile page called Infection Analysis which stores the combined total of everybody's stats on the leaderboard every day. Previous days are saved so that you can view the progression of the entire community's stats over time. So far almost 100 thousand Killionaires have been earned, and apparently 30+ noob combos have been achieved. Check it out!

Infection Leaderboards version 2

Today I have discovered that within the Halo 5 API, there is every single statistic for infection for every player. This includes every weapon they have got a kill with, every medal they've ever earned, their total games played, total wins, total kills and more.

This is absolutely mind blowing to me as I was told halotracker could never made leaderboards for Infection due to the lack of data available. So today I'm starting work on version 2 of the leaderboard, and it's safe to say that it will blow the previous version out of the water.

Once completed you will have to add yourself again, but the updating will work the same.

For now, the old leaderboard and profile pages will stay active.

Halo 5 Infection leaderboard!

Using the API provided by Halotracker I have made a very basic Infection Leaderboard, one for skill and one for Killionaires. These Leaderboards are located under the Projects tab. I'm not #1, and I doubt I will ever be, my stats are pretty much unrecoverable because I stopped caring due to lack of motivation a few months back and still don't really care that much. But I will try to stay number 1 for Killionaires :D (v3 update: about to lose it lul).

To get on the list for either you must have a HTR score of 5000 points for Infection, this is so that people from other playlists that have high amounts of naires or skill are not polluting the Leaderboard. To add yourself, use the menu above. You can update your stats every 30 minutes by clicking the refresh button next to your name on the Leaderboard.

I did not develop HTR score, all the data I am using from the Leaderboard is owned by Halotracker and 343 industries.