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Analysis of All Infection Stats
The Analyis page shows the combined Stats of all players that are tracked by the Infection Leaderboard. You can use this page to see how the Active playerbase has progressed, but note that the totals are for the Infection Leaderboard, not the Infection Playlist as a whole. This page is updated every night at Midnight, UTC.
Stats Progress
The stats tab displays the combined stats of all filters for all players on the leaderboard.
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Main Stats

Assists: 35,856,898Deaths: 280,438,680Games Played: 32,618,762Games Tied: 114336Games Won: 4,082,244Grenade Damage: 316,293,628Grenade Kills: 6,093,863Headshots: 35,656,618Kills: 313,130,375Melee Kills: 7,543,892Score: 216,442,330Shots Fired: 1,851,952,065Shots Landed: 539,449,747Time Played: 531 years 318 daysWeapon Damage: 21,857,826,582


Accuracy: 29.13K/D: 1.12K/G: 9.6Kills per Hour: 67.21Win %: 12.52

Miscellaneous Stats

Alpha Infections: 43,282,337Per game: 1.33Infections: 98,491,507Per game: 3.02Last Stand Kills: 27,688,795Per game: 0.85Perfect Kill: 636Per game: 0Player Protected: 258051Per game: 0.01Round Won: 9,909,548Per game: 0.3Rounds Survived: 6,519,670Per game: 0.2Suicides: 6,037,143Per game: 0.19Survival Kills: 214,678,440Per game: 6.58Time Survived: 254 years 127 daysPer game: 4 mins

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