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Eagle Precursor
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Highest Kill games over time

Comments: 32

Flagged by Eagle PrecursorEagle PrecursorThe Cure

The new Records portal that will feature the filtering of smurf accounts will be in preview soon. It's a part of the Infinite version of the website which will make managing everything a lot easier for me. The old records portal isn't going away, but rather a link to visit the preview website will appear at the top. You'll need an account to view the preview website but all accounts will be migrated when it goes live up until it becomes the replacement for this version.

Carmen SandiegoLinked-up

I have to ask the best of you out there a few things, what kind of advice can you offer on improving when it comes to getting high kill games/streaks? I'm looking to go from getting the occasional Zombicide to following through for the Cure, rather than dying when I'm 3 off.

Also, what's the point of crouch spamming when you lunge? Are you harder to hit? Are you lunging further? Are you just being really annoying? Seriously, the one thing I understand less than camping is crouch spamming.

Carmen SandiegoLinked-up

Any fellow Infection sweats also grinding out for 152? Trying to find some players who play for the XP and the love of the game.

(Or to sweat on worse players. Lets be honest, we all love those free kills.)

Just hit me up on XBOX, Globex Silenced. (I'm pretty sure that many of you have probably matched me at least once, if not a thousand times.)

Or if you just want somebody to play Infection with, I love doing that too.

Carmen SandiegoLinked-up

So, I've been wondering about this for months (actually since it was initially removed from matchmaking.)

But where the hell did The Crypt go? Why was it removed? Were the weapons too strong? Was it poorly made? Did it have some ridiculous cheap spot? Was there even a reason?

Lachlan It IsI'm #1

Poor map design, the bridge was to OP and too predictable spawns.

Carmen SandiegoLinked-up

Thanks Lachlan! Glad to finally have that question answered!


Umm Eagle I’m trying to add myself to leaderboards but the “add to leaderboard” button just gives me a red X , do you know how to fix this , thanks

Globex SilencedLinked-up

Will the #'s for stats/medals ever return to being updated again? Because I find it kind of annoying when I'm 117th on the leaderboard for gun punches but my profile still says I'm 246th.

I doubt this'll be resolved, but I just wanted to put this out there, as I'm sure I can't be the only one who's said anything about it...

Eagle PrecursorThe Cure

This is working again on the new site, disabled here because they were taking too long to calculate.








I can't put my account onto Leaderboards. I type in Perspctive in Primary GT but it says that I'm not in the database. I have done all requirements so I don't really know what to do. Never mind I did it now


Ok thx


how do i link my xbox acc ;v

Eagle PrecursorThe Cure

Hi, sorry I didnt reply sooner. Just goto my account and then there is a form to link gamertags. If your gamertag doesnt show goto the Leaderboard to add it.

Eagle PrecursorThe Cure

Hi guys just did some bug fixes, sorry I didnt realise there were any issues and I haven't been working on the website at all for months due to Uni.

You will now be able to link gamertags, remove linked gamertags, update your password etc in the Account section.






How do i get verified if i already verified my gmail jesus

Eagle PrecursorThe Cure

Gamertags need 2 be verified by me or spoox, so that people cant take gamertags that they don't own.


oh ight thnx for the insight my dude


Hey Eagle, If i changed my gamertag do i need to go through the whole process of signing up again?

Eagle PrecursorThe Cure

no, just tell me the Old gamertag and your new one and I will migrate the stats/games over.


Oh ok


Oh ok i'll Tell you when the name change will be going down


I changed my gt to Undrexmt could you migrate the stats over plz?

Eagle PrecursorThe Cure

stats and games have been migrated


Thanks! appreciate it.


thinking about changing my gt from UndreamtGhost11 To Undrexmt Thoughts?


Laggy New Zealand boi is here


You are all awesome.