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Eagle Precursor
Eagle Precursor's Stats
Update stats Last Updated: 23:51 19/6/2021 (UTC) (7 hours 23 mins ago) Show player on Leaderboard
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This gamertag is owned by Eagle Precursor

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Eagle Precursor's Skill rating: Onyx 5
Rating: 20480525195 to Onyx 6
Percentile: Top 1% of Players

Main Stats

Headshots: 73109 (#5)Games Won: 4548 (#11)Kills: 229662 (#12)Weapon Damage: 12,334,501 (#17)Melee Kills: 6509 (#30)Shots Landed: 316213 (#31)Shots Fired: 622452 (#81)Time Played: 46 days 23 hours (#82)Grenade Kills: 3703 (#83)Grenade Damage: 183759 (#101)Games Played: 7756 (#115)Assists: 11073 (#154)Games Tied: 49 (#203)Deaths: 48213 (#312)


Accuracy: 50.8K/D: 4.76K/G: 29.61Kills per Hour: 203.7Win %: 58.64

Miscellaneous Stats

Last Stand Kills: 64838 (#8)Per game: 8.36Survival Kills: 194720 (#10)Per game: 25.11Round Won: 8793 (#11)Per game: 1.13Alpha Infections: 15393 (#15)Per game: 1.98Rounds Survived: 3282 (#21)Per game: 0.42Time Survived: 28 days 10 hours (#41)Per game: 5 minsInfections: 34978 (#61)Per game: 4.51Perfect Kill: 1 (#112)Per game: 0Suicides: 776 (#761)Per game: 0.1Player Protected: 114 (#1444)Per game: 0.01

Comments: 6


Even though this probably won't influence the actual game, I thought it would still be cool for players to be able to share ideas with each other about infection.


I had an idea for a new section of the leaderboard. It could be called "Ideas" or something, but basically there would be two places that people could write there feeling and ideas about infection. One part could be called "Infection fixes" were people could say anything they don't like about infection, like things about the game modes, maps, etc. The other part could be called "Infection ideas" were people could say any ideas they have for infection, like new game modes, new maps, etc.

Eagle PrecursorThe Cure

Hi, thanks for the suggestion! I think the best way to do this would be to have a forum, which I don't really have time to build or implement right now. I'll keep it in mind for the Infinite version though


Thanks, and I think I played with you not that long ago, maybe a couple weeks ago. I didn't do to well though.


Hey do you have another gamer tag Named Eagle inoble cause if you do then I just played a game with u 🙂


how do I download your entire Infection game history for each gamer tag??(cause i just started so i am trying to learn what to do)