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Eagle Precursor
Analysis of All Infection Stats
The Analyis page shows the combined Stats of all players that are tracked by the Infection Leaderboard. You can use this page to see how the Active playerbase has progressed, but note that the totals are for the Infection Leaderboard, not the Infection Playlist as a whole. This page is updated every night at Midnight, UTC.
Stats Progress
The stats tab displays the combined stats of all filters for all players on the leaderboard.
Main Medals Weapons Vehicles

Main Stats

Assists: 78,587,635Deaths: 525,719,246Games Played: 60,110,968Games Tied: 261618Games Won: 7,890,604Grenade Damage: 732,360,445Grenade Kills: 14,169,144Headshots: 72,055,202Kills: 611,592,494Melee Kills: 15,742,977Shots Fired: 2,147,483,647Shots Landed: 1,105,371,781Time Played: 977 years 214 daysWeapon Damage: 41,697,598,368


Accuracy: 51.47K/D: 1.16K/G: 10.17Kills per Hour: 71.42Win %: 13.13

Miscellaneous Stats

Alpha Infections: 73,454,029Per game: 1.22Infections: 184,374,482Per game: 3.07Last Stand Kills: 58,634,370Per game: 0.98Perfect Kill: 1377Per game: 0Player Protected: 1,212,292Per game: 0.02Round Won: 19,076,866Per game: 0.32Rounds Survived: 14,407,563Per game: 0.24Suicides: 11,155,025Per game: 0.19Survival Kills: 427,308,126Per game: 7.11Time Survived: 469 years 221 daysPer game: 4 mins

Comments: 8

Carmen SandiegoLinked-up

The numbers don't lie. We need better hobbies LOL.

Its JsfNew



Now I have been forever immortalised

In this comment



Surfin NeptuneInfection Sweat

Wtf ??






Reported m8