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Eagle Precursor
Analysis of All Infection Stats
The Analyis page shows the combined Stats of all players that are tracked by the Infection Leaderboard. You can use this page to see how the Active playerbase has progressed, but note that the totals are for the Infection Leaderboard, not the Infection Playlist as a whole. This page is updated every night at Midnight, UTC.
Stats Progress
The stats tab displays the combined stats of all filters for all players on the leaderboard.
Main Medals Weapons Vehicles

Main Stats

Assists: 79,435,256Deaths: 530,315,826Games Played: 60,602,456Games Tied: 264823Games Won: 7,990,111Grenade Damage: 739,194,441Grenade Kills: 14,299,221Headshots: 73,550,556Kills: 618,921,943Melee Kills: 15,950,417Shots Fired: 2,147,483,647Shots Landed: 1,117,210,128Time Played: 984 years 359 daysWeapon Damage: 42,157,576,357


Accuracy: 52.02K/D: 1.17K/G: 10.21Kills per Hour: 71.73Win %: 13.18

Miscellaneous Stats

Alpha Infections: 73,767,895Per game: 1.22Infections: 186,082,898Per game: 3.07Last Stand Kills: 59,642,265Per game: 0.98Perfect Kill: 1397Per game: 0Player Protected: 1,232,741Per game: 0.02Round Won: 19,304,273Per game: 0.32Rounds Survived: 14,511,282Per game: 0.24Suicides: 11,245,032Per game: 0.19Survival Kills: 432,930,055Per game: 7.14Time Survived: 473 years 103 daysPer game: 4 mins

Comments: 19


I am Eternal


Ello ello ello

Carmen SandiegoLinked-up

Alley-Oop is the least earned Infection medal of all time, (That I'm aware of.) It's only been done on record twelve times, but I understand why it might not be the easiest thing to get, considering what you need to do and the fact that it can't be done in the standard infection modes.

The most achieved medal is the double kill, which has been earned 86,850,170 times. Almost a hundred million double kills. That's almost as crazy as the fact that we've collectively spent 980 years on Infection.

Carmen SandiegoLinked-up

It's crazy to think that on Jun 10th 2018, the leaderboard was created with base stats of 123,517,247 kills, 105,774,695 deaths, 97383 killionaires, 12,469,626 games were played, and the infection community had played 201 years and 212 days of infection total.

I'd like to take you through a couple of the highlights and lowlights that I've found on the leaderboard... And some of it is the kind of thing you wouldn't believe until you saw it for yourself, y'know?

Carmen SandiegoLinked-up

(I have to put the highlights/lowlights in separate posts, I promise this isn't spam...)

First location of note. April 30th, 2019. On this day a total of 41,327,231 kills were gained. 39,080,898 deaths occured, 39236 Killionaires were achieved, 4,426,161 games were played. And now the main reason I found this date worthy of note... 73 years, and 42 days were played.

In a single day, this was what was added to the leaderboard on April 30th.

Carmen SandiegoLinked-up

I believe the lowest point for the Infection leaderboard was on March 14th, 2020.

On that day 25,872,193 kills were subtracted from the total, resulting in a loss of 25 million kills. 38,201,036 deaths were also taken from the list, which left the leaderboard with 38 million less total deaths. 5303 of our precious Killionaires were made null and void, and 4,177,145 games were suddenly missing. The time played was reduced from 925 years, 352 days, to 858 years, 144 days. (Explained below.)

Carmen SandiegoLinked-up

To anybody who doesn't like numbers I'm sorry, I love stats too much and the leaderboard stats just fascinate me. Jordan I know you don't need a statistician since you have the GD API, but that wont stop me from asking for permission to regularly post interesting things from the leaderboard data, both for existing stats and future additions. From #1107 to number #11, may I have your blessing to keep the community updated on the neat things they collectively achieve?

Thank you!

-Globex Silenced

Eagle PrecursorThe Cure

Sure! I think around April 30th I ramped up the gamertag crawler and it added around 50 thousand players in one day, this looked great because the Leaderboard was now tracking so many more players, but it actually caused some performance issues over time. March 14th must have been when I deleted a couple thousand players to try and improve that, and on the new site almost all of the crawled players have been removed to make the experience better for players that actually use the site.

Carmen SandiegoLinked-up

Wait... This is the old site? I've been bamboozled...

Carmen SandiegoLinked-up

Speaking of which, how do I get to the new site? I can't find a link to it...

Carmen SandiegoLinked-up

The numbers don't lie. We need better hobbies LOL.

Its JsfNew



Now I have been forever immortalised

In this comment



Surfin NeptuneInfection Sweat

Wtf ??

Carmen SandiegoLinked-up

Too many Naires, please nerf.






Reported m8