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Eagle Precursor
Official website for Eagle Precursor YouTube
Halo 5 Infection Leaderboard v3
  • On the Leaderboard you can view data about all Infection players for all of the stats available in Infection. You can filter the leaderboard by All medals, All weapons and Misc stats like # of Rounds Won
  • Leaderboard Options allow you to customize the results you see: You can hide players with a low amount of games, show players who have Updated today, and use the Timeline to view Historical Leaderboards for all of the filters.

Version 3 new features:

  • Rating has been Introduced as the new scoring system for the Leaderboard, it uses Halo 5 CSR ranks from Bronze 1 to Onyx 7 based on your Infection statistics.
  • You can show extra details about a gamertag to view their progress over time for the currently selected Leaderboard filter
  • You can now filter the leaderboard by common Ratios (e.g. Accuracy), and you can generate custom ratios by dragging one filter next to another (e.g. Killionaires / Deaths)
Example Rating Leaderboard:
# Gamertag
1 Eagle Precursor Onyx 5
2 Xxx Rene Gh Xxx Onyx 5
3 Ltz Jomiter Onyx 4
4 Blitze Havoc Onyx 4
5 Xz Cerote Zx Onyx 4
6 Tomrider37 B Onyx 4
  • On your gamertag page you can view all of your Infection Stats and Leaderboard positions, and view the cumulative progress of your stats over time.
  • The stats section displays a radar graph plotting your stats against the Average Infection player.
  • The Analysis page displays the combined stats and progress for all gamertags on the Leaderboard.

Version 3 new features:

  • Rating has been added to your stats overview, allowing you to see the progress required to reach the next rank
  • You can view your cumulative progress in a Graphical format instead of the default Tabular format.
Leaderboard Accounts

New to Version 3, you can now Register for a Leaderboard Account!

Registering for an Account on the new Leaderboard will allow you to:

  • - Link up to three gamertags to your account
  • - Download your entire Infection game history for each gamertag
  • - Participate and potentially feature in the Records Portal
Records Portal
The community's highest scores, all in one place
Nerve Center: 189 Kills
verified 9
Hellfire: 123 Kills
View records for Every map in Infection
undecided 2

985 points

166 Kills (166 K/D)

Achieved on the 18th of June 2020

Expand each record to view the In-Depth Match statistics

Go to the Infection Records Portal